Pleasure Greeting From the Grand Canyon State

1st photo

It is such a wonderful and unforgettable experience I have, for being in the U.S, the country with diversity and friendly people. I am Yongki Aleksander, I am an Exchange student in YES (Youth Exchange and Study) program 2013-2014 and I am hosted in city of Scottsdale, State of Arizona. I was so amazed of this state with his icon cactus and one of the seven wonder natures in the world, the Grand Canyon. This state is very famous as warm state because the sun gives his bright-light more to this state and I love being hosted here.

I like working with other people, I am volunteering  in so many activities such as working with the children,  taught them the craft, cleaning up the church, work in library as an library assistant, feed the homeless, work with the kids with autism, it is such an amazing opportunity for me to help people. Especially feeding the homeless, it gave me Life2nd photo-lesson and I love this so much, because in deep of my heart I can’t let people suffer because they have nothing to eat. When I did my volunteering program to feed the homeless, I just wanted to cry, I  can stop to think how lucky I am, I eat many good food, live in the good house, go to the school and have loving family, how blessed I am, I thought. Besides doing volunteering programs in many activities moreover I am also the member of choir in church near my  house. By joining this choir I can improve my ability to sing, because I have passion in singing. December came, and in the Christmas Eve, I got the chance to sing in front of many people, I got so many complement from many people. I am so thankful to YES program and God especially to give me all this opportunities

I have done so many thing the 4th month of my journey here in the US, go to the grand can3rd photoyon so many times with my dad and my mom, they like hiking so much, so they brought me to the Grand Canyon, Oh WAW, I was so amazed, it is so beautiful and I can’t say anything about it, besides word “awesome” and every person that we met in our way were so kind, they gave us greeting like “good morning” and “Hi”. It made me so impressed about how gracious this country is, especially State of Arizona. Besides went to the Grand Canyon, I also went to California with my family to visit my grandmother, my dad’s mother, she is living in California in her 90th, I love her so much, and so she does love me so much too.  I spend my time with my lovely family, they are so kind to me, they love me like their son. I just can’t believe that it’s already the 4th month for me, time goes so fast.

In my house I live with two dogs, they are pugs, at the first time I was so scare with the dogs because in my religion Islam, the dogs are consider dirty, especially their saliva. So at the first time I think I can’t live with this condition, but as the time run, so time by time I try to make myself adjust with the condition I had, and finally I can live close to the dogs, now I realize how cute and friendly they are.

Food, talking about food, Arizona is located in south west of the U.S, so for the food, it had gotten the influence from4th photo the west part, many food that I had never taste before and now I can taste it, like tortilla, burritos, jalapeno, I am falling in love with that food, but sometime I miss my country’s food, and I realize that it is humanly acceptable. On the other hand as an ambassador of my country I also show to other people how Indonesians’ food look like, so at the time I made food from my country in international education week, and all of the audience that came to my presentation, they were all amazed with the food I made they said that it was do delicious

5th photo

I can’t believe what I got. This program is  so amazing and wonderful, it will give you so much fun, and sometimes you don’t realize that time moves so fast, and your time being in US to explore the new things is decreasing. You will never imagine how great the opportunity will you have, if you can be one of the YES students, trust me it is so much fun, exciting, delightful, and it is pleasure to have all this wandering. Enjoy the Journey 🙂


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