Technology ± teenagers

            Does the technology for students in their learning process may give more positive sides than negative sides?

        Nowadays, technology is the parts of our life that could help for every activity. Internet is one of the technologies that has developed in the world now. But some of students are afraid that they could not control themselves as there are many applications that could made them lazy to study. We believe that each of the condition has each positive and negative effect.

          For positive effects, it might make the students can improve their knowledge. Besides that, they also can open their mind globally so then they can know more about the latest issues around the world.

         Moreover, having so many friends who are not only from local but also from around the world is one of the benefits that we can have from the internet. We can share each other about culture or education. By this, students could try to develop their technology by comparing what their weakness for technology with other countries’ technology.

             Meanwhile the technology sometimes could make the students become lazy. Says for example the games with good dimension that could make students forget to study. Or even some social networks that can make them lazier. They might spend their time for sitting in front of computer or laptop. Worse, it might lead to create the big gap for people in different living standard.

               In conclusion, technology is still need for students in their learning process because it could make students know more about their and others life as the part for study. If we left the technology, people would getting worse and be left behind than other country for every sides. Try to use the technology useful by remind the teenagers about that beneficial because teenagers is still in unstable condition that might forget what the aims of using the technology itself.

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