Dormitory’s Life

            Is the dormitory system could help students to be a good leader rather than in the home which might help students to be more proactive as they have their parent as a good motivator?

            Dormitory life will definitely give you a glimpse of the local student life and culture. Instant noodles, computer games  make up the key tools for surviving dormitory life for most local students. They sometimes gather to have cookies  or snacks late at night, watch DVDs in the common room or do sports together.

Living with a local roommate and adjusting to different living habits may cause tension especially during the first few weeks of your stay. Many local students, especially females, are extremely modest and prefer to undress in complete privacy. They will expect equal consideration from you. It is a good idea, therefore, to discuss this early on with our roommate and arrive at an agreeable arrangement.

            It’s natural for some homesickness to accompany your first two or three weeks of adjusting to college dorm life. You’re in an entirely new environment. On one hand, there are no more curfews, no constant reminders to do your homework, no questions about where you’re going, or who you’re going to be with.

            All dormitories have wardens and residence tutors to oversee the physical and mental well-being of the residents. The tutors will also help to organize activities with the resident associations. Some examples of these activities are high table dinners, talks, mass games such as tug of war, and mocking each other. There is always something happening at the dormitories but of course you have to take the initiative to find out.

         Recently, many parents are confused whether they let their child to study at common school or at dormitory school. Many of them still afraid to let their child live away from them without any full control like in common school. But everything will bring the negative or positive feedback.

            Firstly, students could learn to respect for others because none of them can live alone at this school. Besides they could share anything like their interest, life style or even their future plans. It could open their mind about the general life to take some good points to be followed.

Sharing your exciting and or trying experiences with people from home can help dispel feelings of isolation and loneliness. You may actually learn that you’re not missing much. However, if feelings of homesickness and depression persist as a result of college dorm life, make sure you talk to someone about them. A good place to start with is your dorm’s resident advisor.

            In addition, with the absence of parent, students could start their life independently. This could help students to think critically for every sides as they has no help from adults. And it would force them to be a leader even thought it is start by lead themselves for the training. So, even though no parent is accompanying them, no reasons for them to have no any motivation. Even they could raise their life by creating their own motivation. In conclusion life in dormitory lead to many benefits. Therefore parent would expect to not only have a child with good intelligence but create the future leader for better future.


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