Story of My Life

Created by :Yongki Alexander

Hello, my name is YongkiAlexander, I guess that is one of the cool name in this world. Most of my friends call me Yongki. I was born in my beloved country, at LubukLinggau when the date was shown Augustus 28th in 1997. That was the nice date for my parent as they have me as the second child. I have two siblings, one older sister and one little sister that indicate I am is the only boy in my family.

I let you to know me well. I have hobbies which are singing, why I love this Even I don’t know why but I just love to sing so loud that make everybody listen to me. My hobbies are really-really not related to any sport, I don’t like to have a sport cause it makes my body sweaty and just so tired. Another characteristic of mine is I’m a silencer and just want to listen. Not to talk, but once I have turned to debating, my mouth just turn to close and open rapidly.

Different things always come to my life. I have spent my education journey until in Junior High School then I continue it in Palembang because I get the scholarship in SMAN Sumatera Selatan(Sampoerna Academy ) which is one of the international school in this country. Live in the dormitory school, far from my region, with the absence of the help from family, and mingle with different people are the new things that I have in my great school.

Talk about school, I would like to share my lesson part and academic activities. I really love to remember any part of the lessons cause it will always make my brain working and it will be easy for me when there is the exam, I do not need to be rush in study as I have remember everything. And I’d love to read the book all the time when I have a spare time. This is my Life, How’s your life Pal???

I do realy hope bless from allah, without  it may be I can not stand and life now in this “World”, yeah, you know whatever you want, sometimes what actually You want is different from your dream, so just be ready with your life,,


2 comments on “Life

  1. This is a good resource. I hope you can add more to this in the future, specially other topics which have
    not been featured yet. Thanks!

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